Q: My appliances will not light or the flame is low

Propane may be restricted at bottle. Try turning the bottle off at the valve. Let sit for a minute then crack the valve open slightly then open slowly. New bottles have a safety built in and if the valve is opened too quickly, the safety will spence a possible leak in the system and restrict gas flow.

Fire suppression safety valve may be slightly closed.This valve is located near the beginning of the propane system after the tank and is designed to shut off the propane in case of fire. There is a plunger on this valve connected to a cable, and sometimes this cable will stretch causing the plunger to close slightly, restricting or cutting the flow of propane through the system.

Q: My water will not run or is slow

Check to make sure there is sufficient water in the fresh water tank and ensure water pump turns on when taps are open. Sometimes plastic debris inside the water tank can break free and be pulled into the system.

Check the screens at each faucet to ensure there is no debris restricting flow. If faucet screens are clear, there may be something within the water pump. Remove each line from the water pump and check for blockage. If nothing is found you may need to remove the head of the water pump to ensure no debris has become lodged within the pump itself.

Q: My water tank will not fill or will not drain

Both tanks have vents which come out the top of the tank to allow air to exit and enter the tanks. Ensure the plastic hose does not have any blockage.

Q: Sinks Will not Drain
  • Ensure the waste water tanks are empty
  • Check to make sure the sink drain lines are venting
  • Check to make sure tank vent lines are clear
Q: My generator will not start or shut off
  • Your generator will flash codes
  • Check the service manual supplied for the different fault causes
Q: Breakers are tripping in my panel
  • This is usually caused by operating too many high amperage appliances at the same time
  • Make sure you have appliances spread out so you do not have too much power draw on one outlet or from one side of the panel
Q: My Vents Are Dripping Water

This is usually caused by condensation in wet or cold weather. This can be solved by having two dehumidifiers running during down time.


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